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Stage Drapes


Austrian Puff - Made with vertical as well as horizontal fullness. Material fullness determines the depth of the scallop and the amount of horizontal pleating. The curtain raises and lowers on cables which pass through rings, sewn on the back side of the vertical seams.

Contour Curtain --   Or Waterfall Curtain Is similar to an Austrian by means of operation. It looks like a regular pleated curtain when in the down position. Scallops (Bellys) form as the curtain is raised. The scallops formed are straight across in a regular contour. Another type of lift curtain is a multi-form. The lift lines operate individually, creating scallops that vary in shape and size thereby framing the stage.

Tab Curtain --   Or Tableau Curtain is similar to a Contour Curtain, in that it appears as a standard pleated stage curtain when in the down position. Lift line cables are attached diagonally on the backside, from the lower leading edge to the upper off stage corner. As the curtain is raised (diagonally); it forms two large scallops at center and two legs adjacent to the proscenium.

Front Curtain -- Also referred to as Main or Act Curtain is located just behind the proscenium arch. This curtain separates the stage from the audience. Fabric color generally complements the house décor. The curtain track is rigged (by cord or motor) to allow the curtain to open horizontally from center. On a stage with a counterweight system the front curtain can also be moved in a vertical direction (as a guideline) to reveal the performance space.

Intermediate Traveler -- curtains (Speakers', Mid-stage, Rear) are located upstage to configure the performance space .

Legs -- Wings or Tormentors frame the stage and provide masking on both Stage Right + Stage Left. In most cases; a series of legs is required between the front and the rear curtains to prevent the audience (from) viewing the side walls, performers or scenery hiding in the wings.

Border -- or Teaser, frame the stage across the top and are used in multiples just like legs. The purpose is to provide vertical sightline masking, preventing the audience from viewing stage hardware and lighting equipment.

Valance - (See Border) Usually located downstage of the front curtain to conceal traveler track.

Cyclorama - Typically located behind the rear traveler; is a flat backdrop used for image projection or lighting effects.

Scrim - Sharkstooth Scrim is an open weave fabric used for special effects. When front lit at a steep angle, it appears to be opaque, however when objects behind are illuminated the scrim becomes transparent. Remove all front lighting and the rear lights make the scrim seem to vanish. Scrims can be painted; while maintaining the transparent "effect". Just be sure not to fill in all the holes!!

Backdrop - A large flat "canvas" made using cotton muslin. The surface is painted with a scene appropriate to the production or event. It generally can be repainted several times.