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Drapery Fabrics

Cotton Velour - 100 percent cotton and woven in different weights for various uses. With a durable plush nap, velour remains the material of choice for venues around the world. The fabric is chemically treated for flame resistance.

  • 16oz Velour - - Although the lightest weight, this quality drapes nicely and is well suited for small events. Curtains should be lined when opacity is critical on a wall lining is not necessary.

  • 21oz Velour -- Medium weight, not fully opaque, often used for borders, legs, and rear curtains. May require lining if lighting is intense or very bright.

  • 25oz Velour - - Most commonly used for the front curtain and valance, often used throughout the stage since it is quite opaque, even when unlined.

  • 32oz Velour -- Heaviest weight, longest pile. However not generally utilized on stages. Often used to control sound reverberation in theatres, rehearsal, and performance spaces.  

Synthetic Velour
- Blending durability with minimal maintenance; synthetic yarns are permanently flame retardant (IFR) for the life of the fabric. Unlike cotton fabrics; IFR materials are not susceptible to wrinkles, and affected by humidity and great for outdoor events. This velour will add a l uxurious and attractive touch to any venue.

  • 22oz Encore has a short brushed nap; resulting in a matte appearance. Its composition of 100% polyester, offers greater resistance to daily wear and tear over cotton. Wrinkles and creases tend to hang out faster than conventional cotton velour. Fabric is tightly woven, thus offering near opacity and excellent tear / tensile strength. The lighter weight, translucent 15oz quality is not permanently flame resistant, however has a durable flame retardant rating.

  • 26oz Prestige heavy weight velour made of Trevira CS yarn. Full lining is required for 100% opacity.

  • 27oz Charisma exhibits the same uniqueness as Prestige with increased opacity and a matte appearance.

  • 25oz Dante proves a nice piece of 100% polyester velvet can be durable and virtually opaque all in one. Dante offers rich colors with a traditional short nap. Full lining is required for 100% opacity.

  • 8oz Velourette Lightweight, 100% polyester, 15 colors to choose from, and makes a cost-effective lightweight drape. Good for table skirts, scenic coverings and event displays. Available with laminated vinyl for opacity and durability.


  • Duvetyne/Commando 54" FR (100% Cotton) Black - Inexpensive picked napped fabric. Available in 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz per lineal yard. The 16oz is nearly opaque and is often used to mask the stage with borders, legs, and rear curtain at a reasonable price. Available in colors.
  • Double Sided Duvetyne 118" FR is napped on both sides. Black only.


  • Cotton Denim 54" FR is a 9oz inexpensive material used help increase opacity. Not for use in window curtains. Available in black or beige.
  • Cotton Ranger 54" FR weighs 12oz and is used when a heavier weight of lining is desired. Not for use in window curtains. Available in black or beige.
  • Blackout Lining 54" FR For window applications. This material is 100% opaque to protect and block sunlight from damaging face fabrics.
  • Poplin IFR 100% Polyester 72" A lightweight material for use when lining a drape made with synthetic fabrics.
  • Fire Safety Light Border Offers high temperature protection when drape comes in contact with light fixtures.   Available in black or beige.


  • Janus 72" IFR - 11oz 100% Avora Polyester for varied applications. Drapes well and is available in over 25 colors. Not opaque.
  • PD Cloth 72" IFR -- 15oz 100% Avora Polyester heavier quality than Janus. Also not opaque
  • Ripstop 60" FR   -- Parachute material. Translucent and strong. Great for banners.
  • Muslin & Canvas - 100% Cotton used for scenery, backdrops and cycloramas. Available in a variety of widths, colors and flame resistant finishes.
  • Muslin 128" IFR -- 100% Avora Polyester in 18 colors. Can be used outdoors.
  • Expo 48" FR -- 100% Polyester in colors. Excellent for skirting or tradeshow curtains.


  • Atlas Oxford 54" FR 100 % cotton, often used on elementary school stages for masking, however not as opaque as 16oz Duvetyne.
  • Duvetyne / Commando See Duvetyne / Commando.
  • Doral 21oz IFR 100% Synthetic yarn with opaque vinyl laminate backing. Well suited for smaller venues such as churches, elementary schools and community centers. Resilient fabric produced using a blend of four synthetic yarns. Doral is a low maintenance, Inherently Flame Resistant fabric, never requiring re-treatment or testing.
  • Nevada 14oz is the durable non-opaque face material of Doral and is commonly used in areas not requiring 100% opacity.
  • Velour - See Cotton / Synthetic Velour.


From time-honored gold lame to hi-tech fabrics that reflect a prism of color; drapery fabricated using metallic fabrics provide the audience with dramatic effects to any production.


Elegant sheers and silks have always given a soft touch to dramatic events. Available in traditional neutral off-white tones and newer metallic colors.


Need to dress-up your stage curtains... Consider adding a classic Bullion Fringe in antique gold along the bottom hem... Or several rows of Filigree Trim... Or Ropes and Tassels... The possibilities are endless...


  • Colors depicted on these website pallets are intended as reference only. Please inquire if fabric samples are required.
  • Color range of cotton based fabrics will vary by dye lot.