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Cineperm Projection Screens

Snap-On Screen with aluminum frame.

A perfectly flat viewing surface means perfect picture quality and the viewing surface is perfectly flat on a Cineperm. The Cineperm offers a contemporary, theatre-like appearance wherever a permanently mounted front or rear screen is required. Flexible viewing surface is stretched perfectly flat and snaps onto a I' tubular aluminum frame. The viewing surface conceals the frame completely with 2' black leatherette borders on all sides, embedded with snaps. Pull handles at each corner of the surface help stretch the fabric during attachment, and can be removed after snapping surface onto frame.

Frame sections are color coded for easy assembly. Suitable for mounting to a wall, suspended from a ceiling, or “flying” for theatrical uses.

Viewing surfaces in M1300, M2500, or AT1200 for front projection, or Cineflex rear projection vinyl. Snapon surfaces are interchangeable. The Cineperm can be made in virtually any size¡Xstandard sizes are listed below. Overall size, including frame, equals image area plus 4'. Sizes larger than 10 1/2" X 14' are manufactured with truss-style construction, using a 6' wide frame and borders.

Lace & Grommet Screens

Draper Lace & Grommet screens are furnished with 2" reinforced webbing on all four sides and grommets on 6" centers. A variety of viewing surfaces and frames are available to meet special needs. Every Lace & Grommet screen is custom built to your order¡Xvirtually any size is available up to 30' X 90'. Ideal for theatres, auditoriums, and stage events.

Surfaces-For front projection, flexible matt white is the standard viewing surface. Fiberglass matt white, glass beaded, pearlescent, aluminized, M1300 and M2500 are also available. For rear projection, choose Cineflex vinyl.

Frames-Available in wood, aluminum, or steel, for wall or suspended mounting. Choose lacing cords, springs or shock cords to attach surface to frame. Wraparound style frames are optionally available, as well as rigid masking systems for all framing systems.

  • Extra Drop, Series V - Up to ... overall height, either white or black (White is standard). Extra drop will increase the overall length of the case: contact Draper if this dimension is critical.

  • Extra Drop, Series E - Up to ... overall height, either white or black (White is standard for Series E in AV format; black for all other formats).

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